What to Expect in Our Residential Treatment Program

by | Jan 6, 2023

We believe in ethical and smooth transitions to recovery from addiction, and this is a guiding principle throughout all phases of our programs at Zia Recovery Center. When you become a client with us, the second phase of our program you’ll participate in is Residential Treatment. This part of the recovery process begins once clients have completed their early treatment goals during the Withdrawal Management phase

In this stage, clients are provided time to comfortably attend group therapy, participate in 12-step meetings, and receive medication management and daily assessments from our team of providers, all while residing in our comfortable and cozy transitional living homes. We provide our clients with the best possible environment and support to continue their journey to recovery. 

Read on to learn more about what you can expect and the impact this program has on the path toward recovery.

Our Residential Treatment Program

While in Residential Treatment, clients attend 15 hours of group therapy every week as well as daily 12-step meetings. Our team largely advocates for group therapy and the impact it can have. There are many benefits to group therapy such as gaining new perspectives, comradery, and accountability among peers. Through this, our goal is to create a valuable and well-rounded support system for our clients by connecting them with those who have shared similar experiences.

Additionally, our clients also go through individual psychotherapy. This treatment helps identify and change troubling thoughts, emotions, and behavior while also providing alternative responses when triggers arise. It also provides a separate space for clients to have conversations they prefer to have in private or that may be more individualized situations. 

Because we believe in the importance of holding one another accountable, we have experienced and compassionate staff on site 24/7 to assist our clients and guide them through this stage of recovery. Our team is more than ready to help our clients whenever and however they need it. 

Our Transitional Living Home

While our clients live in the Transitional Living Home environment, we aim to provide the most comfortable and inviting space possible. We understand that a sense of comfort and home is very important for the recovery process. We also know that recovery is a massive life change, which can at times be a pretty uncomfortable experience. The least that we can do is provide a comfy bed and friendly environment for our clients to embrace this massive change in their lives. There’s also no need to worry about external factors that may impede progress. For example, while therapy and meetings are held at our central office, our team coordinates transportation for both of these occasions so clients can strictly focus on their recovery.

While staying in the Transitional Living Home, our highly qualified staff will be there around the clock. Our team has an amazing track record and knows what the recovery process is like. They are well-equipped to compassionately serve as a resource and accountability system during this stage of the recovery, and beyond. 

At the end of the day, we believe in a smooth recovery without shame. While Residential Treatment can sound intimidating, we assure you that we make it as easy, comfortable, and relaxing as possible, and with a team that deeply understands the intricacies of the recovery journey.

Visit our website to learn more about how we approach our Residential Treatment phase of the program or contact us if you have any further questions. 

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