Withdrawal Management

What to Expect

Withdrawal Management is a necessary process in order for the mind and body to be able to heal from the damage caused by substance abuse and alcoholism. Many of us here at ZRC understand this on a personal level.

Our Residential Withdrawal Management home is nestled in the beautiful Mesilla Valley away from the hustle and bustle of it all. Clients are welcomed by friendly and experienced staff members who are dedicated to aid in any needs the client may have while starting the Withdrawal process.

An on-site chef prepares healthy nutritious meals and snacks daily for client’s nutritional needs. Clients are medically assessed and a custom withdrawal management regimen is created for ease and comfort through the Withdrawal process. Daily assessment and medication management is provided.

Understanding the Process

This process can typically range from three to ten days depending on the client’s medical evaluation, intoxication levels, and type of substance use disorder.

Once a client is medically cleared from Withdrawal Management, they begin the Residential Treatment Program at the same location. This consists of 25 hours of group therapy per week as well as individual psychotherapy sessions, case management, and daily 12-step meetings.

Here the client is introduced to their personal treatment team consisting of a primary therapist, case manager, and a medical/psychiatric provider. This team sees the client through the entirety of the program. Fresh meals are provided daily. assessments and medication management continue to be provided.