Our Purpose

Zia Recovery Center Mission Statement

Zia Recovery Center strives to help those suffering with drug and alcohol addiction to achieve long-term recovery. Long-term recovery isn’t just measured as continued abstinence from substances being used as unhealthy coping mechanisms. It is also measured by improvements in one’s Social, Cultural, and Spiritual Capital and the ability to be happy, joyous, and free in one’s daily affairs.

We believe that long-term recovery is best achieved by the following criteria:

  • Individualized Treatment. We believe that one size does not fit all and each treatment plan should be tailored to the individual receiving the treatment.
  • Participation in a 12-step program. We firmly believe that the Twelve Steps are a vital modality of treatment for long-term recovery. Community meetings are a daily portion of our treatment program and completion of the 12 steps is strongly encouraged.
  • Accountability Measures. Accountability is maintained throughout participation in the treatment program. Staff are trained to guide clients in becoming accountable for their own recovery and actions.
  • Becoming a productive member of society. 
  • Transitioning to another outpatient treatment program and/or successfully integrating into the workforce, an education program or volunteer program have proven key to validating self-worth and achievement of long-term recovery. 

Based on the above philosophy, our mission is to operate a treatment program that best allows people with addictions to achieve long-term recovery. We strive to recruit and retain top clinicians within our field that may best reach the client. We are committed to continually updating our treatment program based on the most relevant needs of our current client demographic.