The Role of Community in Substance Use Recovery

by | Apr 17, 2023

Connecting with a sober community while recovering from addiction provides a level of support hard to find anywhere else and offers opportunities to build life-lasting companionships. While the journey to recovery is deeply personal, a strong community creates opportunities to transcend isolation, connect with others who understand your experience, and to maintain and enjoy sobriety. 
The Zia Community understands the impact and benefit of having a “next step” after our rehabilitative programs, which is why we have created a Community Aftercare Program that provides a space for individuals to safely hang out, connect, and engage with others post treatment. Keep reading to learn more about our offerings and the benefits of cultivating a sober community on the path to recovery.

Benefits of Community in Recovery

Attempting sobriety alone is far from failure proof. There are unforeseen challenges that can arise, and having relationships you can lean into can make all the difference. 

Engaging with others proves to be an essential component in maintaining sobriety, implementing healthy lifestyle changes, and even experiencing new levels of joy. We are happy to offer a perspective on the benefits and impact of pursuing community support for individuals recovering from addiction.

1. Power of Support Groups

Peer encouragement is a powerful force in maintaining sobriety. In a group setting, people in recovery get to witness the experiences of others, while also sharing their own individual processes, challenges, and victories. 

Peer support groups provide safe spaces for people to express the deeper layers of their recovery journey, and help them to feel supported in difficult times. Not only do these support groups create feelings of connectedness, they also offer an opportunity to learn how others overcome obstacles in recovery and apply those lessons to their own lives. 

2. Accountability Measures

Setting goals on your recovery journey is supportive, and essential, in staying sober. When desiring accountability measures to be implemented, it’s far easier to ask for, and receive, feedback from a community that understands what you’re going through. Shared experiences are a vital component to any community, especially recovery groups, and can be a pillar in building healthy habits moving forward.

3. Encourages Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Developing healthy habits is made accessible through the support of community and close relationships. You are not alone, and you don’t have to traverse this journey by yourself. 

Wellness-based activities are often more approachable, exciting, and enjoyable when you are engaging with a peer support network that is striving for similar lifestyle changes. Whether you are curious about exploring foundational self care tools, outdoor activities, exercise, or art expression techniques, community support offers engagement, accountability, and connection.

Zia Community Aftercare Program: Offerings and Benefits

Our Community Aftercare Program at Zia Recovery Center was intentionally created for people recovering from substance use disorder to gather, socialize, and heal. This safe environment provides a community outlet for individuals to rely on as they transition out of a facility or treatment program. Recovering is made far more easeful with access to a strong, solid community of support, and our team is happy to offer continued assistance through this program.

Building healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits that support sobriety can be fun, rewarding, yet sometimes uncomfortable. The Zia Community understands this process and is here for you each step of the way. Within our Community Aftercare Program, people are encouraged to lean into community support with other individuals who have experienced sobriety for 30 days or more. 

A powerful testimonial from one of our alumni residents emphasizes the impact of community structure offered at Zia Recovery Center:

“The tools ZRC provided for me, from the groups, the therapy, and most definitely the fellowship helped me learn how to love myself and others again.”

– Alyssa J

Read the full testimonial on our website. 

Our team here at Zia Recovery Center emphasizes the importance of this aftercare opportunity, and is excited to offer Peer Support Services Monday through Friday. To learn more about Zia’s Community Aftercare Program, call us at (575) 523-0111 or contact us through our website. We are grateful for the opportunity to support you or your loved one on the path of sober living, and we look forward to welcoming you into our community

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