Our Program

A Program to Build a New Foundation

At Zia Recovery Center we understand the importance of building a solid foundation.  That’s why we have developed our program to address each aspect of life for those seeking recovery.  We have also created an environment that employs accountability measures such as 24/7 staffing and peer support in a social model of recovery in our Transitional Living Homes. It is our belief that those who recover together have a much better chance of achieving long-term, uninterrupted recovery.

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Individualized assessments to create a personal treatment plan.

Zia Recovery Center gives individualized attention to each client from admission to discharge. Every treatment plan is created in a client centric atmosphere by highly qualified clinicians. Clients meet weekly with a multi-disciplinary team whose only goal is to maximize their progress in their personal recovery journey.

Group Therapy

We have created a program that consists of group sessions that enable those seeking recovery to process life without the use of drugs and alcohol. Clients learn and develop a set of tools and principles that seemed impossible before exposure to the program at Zia Recovery Center.

Expanding Horizons with Yoga and Meditation Groups

From a place where we feel as though we know much, to the realization that we know so little, it is imperative that we practice a level of open-mindedness we seemed unable to possess prior to recovery.  Seeking alternative approaches to mindfulness and spirituality practices are part of the approach utilized at Zia Recovery Center.