Zia Recovery Center

Who We Are

We know, from a personal standpoint, what individuals go through in their efforts to seek recovery. Zia Recovery Center was founded by individuals in recovery.

We offer our clients the opportunity to work with our highly trained, compassionate staff who focus on individualized, holistic treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Our small facilities allow us to provide a higher standard of care for our clients with 24/7 peer support and a structured daily schedule for building healthy habits.

What We Do

What makes ZRC unique is that we are a recovery program that provides a more realistic life setting where you can practice your recovery skills in your day-to day life.


Build a solid foundation and break free from destructive habits.


Grow through life’s hardships and traumas.


Develop new healthy habits and supportive relationships.


Show others that they can recover as well.

When to Get Help

The more a drug is used, the more it affects brain chemistry. When this happens, the addiction has created both a psychological and physical dependence.

This is not meant to discourage you from seeking help, but to stress the importance of undergoing treatment in an accredited and research-based drug rehabilitation program. It is never too late to turn the tide on an addiction. People from all walks of life have managed to recover and sustain their recovery. But you can’t do it alone. You will need help from rehabilitation specialists and a dedicated support system.

Why Zia Recovery Center?

An individual’s drug rehabilitation will be different based on their medical history, the substance they are addicted to, how long they have been addicted, and their personal goals for recovery. All clients are assessed by a clinically licensed professional. This assessment helps us determine the best course of treatment for our clients. We treat ALL forms of substance abuse:


Alcohol Addiction


Heroin Addiction


Prescription Drug Addiction


Benzodiazepine Addiction


Marijuana Addiction


Opioid Addiction


Cocaine Addiction


Methamphetamine Addiction


Fentanyl Addiction

Most Insurances Accepted:

When to Get Help

We are located in Southeastern New Mexico near the heart of downtown Las Cruces and happily serve out-of state clients.

Zia Recovery Center
303 North Alameda Blvd
Las Cruces, NM 88005

How Our Program Works

Learn how Zia Recovery Center can help you find meaningful recovery.

Comprehensive Services:

  • Housing
  • Food Stipend
  • Transportation
  • Community Resources
  • Treatment Support
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Medical Care
  • Vocational Development
  • Discharge Coordination
  • Medication Management

ZRC Blog

Valuable insights and resources from those with long-term, uninterupted freedom from addiction, topics from experienced substance abuse professionals, and much more.

Need More Information?

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